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The eastern world can guide us to become
More selfless. Learn from beautiful Japan.
: Uncle Pandarus






Architecture of Japan

Japanese Buildings

Herbert Offen Collection

Young People’s Guide to Japanese Houses



Art of Japan

Tokyo National Museum of Art

Japanese Visual Arts

Japanese Art for Young People



Etiquette in Japan

Japanese Manners and Etiquette

Japanese Customs

Japanese Tea Ceremony for Young People



Traditional Dance of Japan

History of Japanese Dance

Japanese Classical Dance Association

Japanese Dance for Young People



Economy of Japan

A Guide to Japanese Money

Historical Overview and Basic Facts about the Yen

Yen Currency Converter



Education in Japan

Embassy of Japan in UK Educational Resources

Guide to Studying in Japan

Japanese School System for Young People



Families in Japan

Japanese Family Life

The Modern Japanese Family

Family Life in Japan for Young People



Tokyo Fashion

Japanese Streets

Fashion in Japan

Japanese Fashion for Young People



Festivals of Japan

Japanese Atlas Festivals

Japan National Tourism

Japanese Festivals for Young People



Cinema of Japan

National Film Centre

Japan Cinema

Anime Films for Young People



Cuisine of Japan

Japanese Recipes

Japanese Kitchen

Japanese Food for Young People



Health Care System in Japan

Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Japanese Food for Health

Guide to Natto Healthy Food for Young People






History of Japan

The Samurai Archives

National Museum of Japanese History

History of Japan for Young People



Housing in Japan

Top Ten Japanese Homes

Japan’s Earthquake-Resistant Buildings

Japanese Houses for Young People






Language of Japan

National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics

Japanese Language Student’s Handbook

Japanese Language for Young People






Literature of Japan

National Institute of Japanese Literature

Japanese Poetry

Legends of Japan for Young People



Media of Japan

Japanese Newspapers and News Media Guide

Japan Media Review

Japanese Virtual Culture for Young People



Music of Japan

Traditional Japanese Music (audio clips on a French site)

Minyo Singers and Taiko Drumming

Guide to Japanese Music for Young People



Nationalism of Japan

National Symbols on Japan Guide

Kimigayo (Japanese National Anthem)

Japanese Flag and National Anthem for Young People



Japanese Philosophy

Bushido (Samurai Code)

Japanese Proverbs

Directory of Japanese Philosophy



Politics of Japan

Japanese Politics on Japan Guide

Japanese Politics on East Asia Forum

Government of Japan for Young People



Popular Culture of Japan

Japan Top 20 Music Chart

Japanese Popular Culture for Young People



Religion in Japan

Japanese Religion

Centre for the Study of Japanese Religions

Japanese Religion for Young People



National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Science Council of Japan

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Japanese Science for Young People



Technology in Japan

Science and Technology Trends in Japan

Technology in Japan Today

Japanese Technology for Young People






Derby City Council

Derbyshire County Council

Igniting Ambition


Sasakawa Foundation



Theatre of Japan

Noh Theatre for Young People

Theatres of Japan Arts Council

A-Light Theatre, Tokyo



Military History of Japan

Second World War

Hiroshima Bombing

Japan Ministry of Defence